Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Evening thoughts

I have a mental block trying to create a new web page. I know how to do it, but every time I begin to code, I just fuzz out. It's a problem with words. Yes, stupid little words that line up in chains to make sentences. As a writer I know how to string them in long melodic ribbons. However, put some HTML code in front of me and I block.

It's not that I don't know HTML. Somewhere a friend has a sample table I made for her showing that you can code anything. If you can code a crazy table and use a cascading style sheet, you should be able to create a web site.

So, with the web site on my mind, I'm going to say "Good Evening" and take myself to bed. By morning I should have it all written and coded - it I can remember it at all.

Better luck to you.



  1. How did Maxie like the conference? And you? Anything particularly useful or fun?

  2. Maxie fit in very well at the conference. These were serious writers and the lecturers were very good. Maxie did great, though I need to revise her book a little to make her villain very nasty.


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