Monday, December 15, 2008


It's cold and rainy here today. That's not unusual for most of you, but Southern California is in the middle of a drought. It's really unusual here. It's really raining, too, not just a sprinkle now and then.

Our Arizona crossing has water going over the top. That's how it was designed, but still if you want to drive across it's up to you to assess the risk. Usually the water is running fast, but only a few inches deep. Still, if you drive a small car,do you want to risk the crossing?

The same thing happens with the letter carrier. He drives a small, light postal truck. It's part of his livelihood. If the crossing looks treacherous, he doesn't cross. It's his call. I understand, but on these long wet afternoons, I kinda wish I had a new Christmas brochure to look at.

So, I'm here blogging when an email comes from my daughter who lives in Northern California. Still in California, but what a difference. She has several inches of snow. The picture is of her sledding down a hill by her home. I feel like she's one-upped me. Snow is certainly more playable and more fun to look at.

So, tomorrow it should rain again. Then next - who knows? Rain isn't that common where I live.


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