Sunday, August 16, 2009

The scenic route

Whenever we get lost or have to go out of our way to get somewhere, we say we've taken the scenic route. That phrase probably began on the super highways of the USA. Probably someone wanted to get away from the slick, fast, and straight and see some of the local scenery. Thereby, they left the super highway and took the scenic route.

Lately I've noticed that as you get older, you take more scenic routes. Mostly not by choice. But it's not a bad thing. You see a lot more on the side roads. They have restaurants and gas stations, stop lights, and whole towns you can drive through. If you have the time, the scenic route is a great choice.

Today we were looking for the Sizzler. We love their Sunday brunch, but our closest Sizzler has let down on quality. We wanted to see if another was better. It was. However, we had to take the scenic route to get there. We remembered what street it was one, but when we arrived at the intersection, we forgot which way to turn. So we did a scenic route the wrong way, then a direct route to the Sizzler. On the way home, a wrong turn took us on another scenic route. We saw routes and businesses we'd not seen before and checked out Auto Row to see which Dealers were taking old cars.

When you're older, it's excusable to take the scenic route. It becomes a mini adventure.


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  1. Love the picture you chose to go with this post - perfect!


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