Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today as a treat I went to Barnes and Noble and used the 15% off coupon they sent me in the mail.  I grabbed an audio book and an armful of Charlaine Harris's Aurora Teagarten books to read on our vacation.  I was having a good day.

I went to the in-house Starbucks for lunch.  I ordered my lunch, and turned around to find a table.  The tables were all filled with people and laptops using the WiFi.  Some had even stacked their books on the adjoining tables so they were holding down two tables!  ARRRGGGHHH!  Here I am with lunch coming and nowhere to eat it - except at the counter in the sunshine.  I guess I should be grateful that sunshine and laptops don't get along.

Having WiFi at a coffee house is a great thing.  I do like the idea.  However, does one cup of coffee entitle you to a seat for a morning or an afternoon?  Time to do your homework with a friend or crash out some work in a friendly environment?  Are you entitled to hog the space?

I asked that, but I really don't care about the answer.  All I wanted was a nice place to eat my $8.50 lunch.  I felt entitled to a comfortable table and they were all taken.  I wish they would expand these coffee houses now to make room for the environment they created.  I wish everyone could have a seat there.



  1. I've often asked people to move their piles of books, or just asked if I could join them if they're sitting at a table made for more. Sometimes they grumble and ignore me, but sometimes we end up talking and I make a new friend.

  2. I like the new friend idea. Perhaps I should be nice and ask if I can share their space. Our local B&N is full of students doing homework. It's an ideal environment for students, but it makes it tough when all the seats are taken.

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