Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The lavishness of a wet spring

My husband has allowed the radishes to go to seed. Who would think a tiny radish could grow into such a bouquet? Roy says when it goes to seed he'll have radishes coming up all over his garden.

These 6-ft. tall radish flowers bloom in his vegetable garden. They smell lovely - not at all like radishes.

On the west side of the house, the lavender needs to be beaten back as it's taking over the round garden. My determined creeping rosemary, which is now sharing with the lavender, just sneaks out from under all those flowers.

The lantana is beginning to be a proper size bush. It's a gift from the wild birds that I feed at the back of the house. Its parent plant in a shady spot on the east side isn't doing nearly as well.

All this is the result of a winter full of gentle rain and now, the late spring sun. I'm going to enjoy it while I can. My rocking chair is well used as the air warms. Summer is coming.



  1. Oh my! You're going to be invaded by radishes very soon :-)
    Happy weekend,

  2. Lovely pictures of your garden! Being a globetrotter and living in various places in the world, I always love seeing and enjoying the flowers and plants I find in my new habitats. I might just do a post on that soon!

    Thanks for visiting my site!

  3. Your gardens around the world blog could turn into a series. It's interesting to move around and see what grows in this spot, but not in that one.

    You can read about our owl house at Maxie Girls Books (http://maxiebooks.blogspot.com/).


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