Monday, August 23, 2010

Does your book feel right in your hands?

Does your book feel right in your hands? What about your Kindle, Nook, iPad? How do they feel?

I’m thinking about the feel of a book. It’s true that some of the larger paperbacks really feel good in your hands. I ruffle the pages and something like pleasure hits me and I do it again. Sometimes a smaller paperback will annoy me because its binding is stiff and unyielding. I don't hesitate to break the spine of these books, because otherwise it will annoy me to the end. (That's when I throw it away in frustration.) There is nothing that will replace for me the pleasure of opening a large art book and beginning to pore over the large-size color pages.

Can you find my Kindle on the photo on the left?

It doesn’t surprise me to say that I didn’t like the hard metallic feel of my Kindle when I first opened the box. It took me a week or so to realize that it needed a book-like cover. It not only needed the cover to protect it, it needed the cover to give my Kindle a book-like feel. I chose a cover with moleskin on the inside and leather on the outside. I love holding it and feeling that moleskin while I read. I guess I’m a touch person. I also add my artwork to my bookshelves. See Photo number two. It's called "Rhonda's Legs".

I have been reading eBooks at random almost and I’ve found a lot of new authors who do a fine job of writing a good story. I’ve also decided some popular authors aren’t interesting enough to make my list. It’s a very personal list, I find.

We need a service to to a better job of rating eBooks. I need a recommendation that this book, which I can buy for $3.99 is worth reading, and that book for $12.99 is not worth reading. I need a way of choosing the good books to read regardless of price. Oh No! Am I asking for the return of book reviewers and critics? I think I am if they'll just try an eBook now and then.

Here's a better look. My Kindle hides among the books. It's the slim black book.



  1. You know you are a lifetime achiever in reading when you need a book-like feel to be happy. :)
    Love, Cindy

  2. I have toyed with the idea of getting a Kindle... but I fear losing the feel of a book, too. I love best the feel of a hardback book, especially one with an embossed cover. Then I can run my fingers along its embossing as I read.

  3. Shakespeare, it's just another way to read a book, but I don't like feeling a hard metal surface when I read.

    Cindy, you know I love books.


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