Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Baby Thief - A Review

I've been reading so many good books lately. This one is by one of my favorite authors, L.J. Sellers.

What happens when a disreputable doctor starts a commune and becomes their religious leader? What happens when the women of his commune want to have babies by artificial insemination? Is the doctor impregnating young girls on their 16th birthday?

No one knows what's going on in the commune because, let's face it - most people don't want to know what goes on at a commune.

On the face of it women and their children are living quietly off the land and worshiping in a gentle way. Underneath is the kidnapping of a woman for her ovaries, the impregnating of young girls without their consent, two doctors going over the edge, and a criminal building his retirement fund from the process.

Add a reporter with very good connections with the police force. Mix with love and the kidnapping. It all makes for a real page turner.

The Baby Thief is available now for the Kindle and other eReaders and is due out soon as a paperback. Meanwhile, visit LJ Seller's web site for an excerpt of the story.


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  1. Looks interesting - I'm going to go looking for it ASAP


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