Friday, October 29, 2010

The incredibly delicious donut

This morning I was naughty and bought myself a donut and coffee for breakfast. I was naughty, but I truly enjoyed it. Because it is a no-no I think I enjoyed it even more - a big fat coconut donut and a coffee to go with it. I'd show you a photo of the donut, but I ate it. Every bite.

It's pretty easy to find a donut to eat. It's harder to find an incredibly delicious donut. Grocery stores, restaurants, and even Starbucks sell donuts, but they don't taste like this morning's donut. Here's where I bought it.

In my neck of the woods, this is what a donut shop usually looks like. It isn't much of a looker, it's all about buying a dozen donuts to take somewhere.

A little further from my house, across the railroad tracks from a State Campground is a place called VG's. VG's is legendary. They stay open all night while they're making donuts. Can't sleep and awake at 2 AM? Go down to VG's for a still-warm donut fresh from the kitchen. I've done it. Nothing in this world tastes any better.

I'm sure the word is out at the campground too. There seem to be a lot of campers crossing over the tracks (at the crossing, I hope) and landing at VG's.

So today I urge you, in the interest of keeping both the pleasure centers of your brain and your sweet-craving tummy, to go to a REAL donut shop for a guilty delight.



  1. i'm gonna. and i'm gonna say you said i should!
    sweet post

  2. Please do it. Just don't do it every day. I allow myself a donut once a week or so. I count it as lunch and when it wears off I am sooo hungry, but I make myself wait for dinner.

  3. Nothing wrong with donuts, especially like you are talking about. Sweet pleasures in life and it makes you feel good to enjoy it.


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