Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The End of Marking Time - a review

I just love a book that tickles my imagination. I love to read and I run around all day long with a book or my Kindle in my hand. When I find a book that stands out, I pay attention.

That's how it was with CJ West and "The End of Marking Time." We start out with a thief - a very successful thief if you believe what he says. He claims to be invisible moving in and out of houses. But he's getting a little too cocky for his own good. This time he takes a few things that he usually wouldn't - like the victim's Mercedes. And he selects the wrong victim - the DA. All of this leads to him being caught. The thief pretty much knows the penalty and what probably will happen.

When he begins to sell things, they go well for him at first. He makes plans to take a vacation using money he's saved. When the cops come for him he runs, they find stolen items in his pocket. He knows he's been had, sold out by the very crooks who had helped him.

He does well the first time he goes to court. Eventually he is sent to prison. On the way to prison he is in an accident and is left in a coma. A very long coma.

When he wakes up the world of the criminal has changed. He doesn't go to jail, he is put in rehabilitation. In my opinion, this is the meat of the story, the very best part, so I won't tell you about this part of the plot. I'll simply tell you that there is a prison reform of gigantic proportions. He's given another chance to do well, but no one tells him how to do it.

I urge you to read this book for yourself. CJ West is a good writer and not afraid to tackle something a little bit different.

This book is available in paperback and for the Kindle. It's a good buy and a good book.



  1. Thanks for such a thoughtful review. I'm glad you enjoyed The End of Marking Time.

    The End of Marking Time is available to anyone as a free ebook. Find it on the promotions page at

    Thanks again.

  2. Wow CJ. My readers will love knowing that.



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