Saturday, May 21, 2011

Roses, roses, I both love and hate them.

I didn't plan to have roses when we moved to this place. I did inherit some and now I take care of them. They're a lot of work. This beautiful rose is the easiest to care for. It blooms from spring until winter cold. (If the winter isn't too cold, it blooms then.)

This rose only needs to be cut back now and then. It backs up to a plum tree and a nut tree (type unknown, they're round nuts) and uses the trees to climb on. It makes beautiful shade on summer days.

My addition to this part of the yard is on the west side of the house. This area was once dry and full of weeds. Now, hummingbirds sip in the saliva and bees buzz in the lavender all day long. Salvia and lavender are easy to care for.

Birds hide in the salvia because it's close to the feeders. The lavender also functions as a home for rabbits. Rabbits cause a lot of problems for us, but they're so cute.



  1. Great pictures.

    We had a ton of flowers in our old house. Not a one here, though. That will take time.

  2. We have been here for 11 years - longer than either of us has ever lived in one place. I realized recently that the plants, both old and new, had matured and become the plants I wanted them to be.

    Yours will too Shakespeare.

  3. Anything that takes too much care has to go as far as I'm concerned. We had apple trees, but they got buggy and we'd have to spray them--they had to be cut down. I don't like dead-heading day lilies or petunias--same thing--gone. I have too many plants to have to fuss with anyone. I love finding plants that are easily maintained!!

  4. The plants I plant are easily maintained. The ones I inherited - not so easy, but they are so beautiful.


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