Monday, September 3, 2012

Fear and my big dog

I was watching TV the other night and through the open door I heard the most horrible screeching.  The dog barked and barked.  I had no idea what it was.  I was in stocking feet.  I let the dog inside and he was trembling.  Poor puppy.

Looking for someone to investigate, I found my hubbie watching his cowboy movies, oblivious to the need for him to DO SOMETHING!

He insisted there had not been a noise.  I tried to describe it.

I thought something, a cat of some sort was being killed.  The scream sounded full of pain and fear.  Something outside was dying or dead.

He hadn't heard anything.  I wasn't sure he was hearing me, so I went outside in my stocking feet to look for myself.  Nothing, just the night wind and the little frogs cheeping, bugs too maybe. No moans, groans, or horrible dying sounds.  Nothing.

Well, the dog heard it.  Not a lot scares him and he was inside on the landing shaking.

I went back to my TV.  My hubbie finally got up from his TV and went outside to look.

"Told you there was nothing." he said, greatly put out.

When I went back inside, the dog was asleep on the landing.

Jake was sound asleep still clutching his bear.  He's owned that bear since the day we brought him home from the breeder.  It's his house toy.  The thing he reaches for first.

I kept wondering what it was that frightened my dog and I, but not my hubbie.

Yesterday I went on the web to see if I could identify the cat sounds I'd heard.  I hadn't found a dead cat.  I found what was left of a dead bird, but not a cat.

I listened to umpteen recordings.  I finally found the sound on a recording of two cats making kitties.  It was the final statement of the act.  So, now I know what it was I'm a bit let down.  It had to be something more special than a mating of cats, don't you think?  Well, no.  That's what it is.

I still have that cute photo of Jake though.  Good enough.



  1. Hahaha! Well, that was anti-climatic!! I'm sure glad that was all it was. :)

  2. It added a bit of excitement to a dull evening Lin.

  3. And that's a precious photo of him!! Glad it was nothing more than the sound of 'love' though! lol (P.S. Would you consider taking your verification off of your blog? I can't read those letters very well, so it keeps popping up more for me to type. Argh!)

  4. I'll see if I can figure it out Barbara. Blogspot does a lot for me and I get lazy. I agree though, those verifications are a pain. You can click the circled arrow and get another set.

  5. I thought that might be it. It is the MOST hideous sound.

  6. It didn't occur to me that it might be a domestic cat. I did consider a bobcat, but when I listened to the different animals, the bobcat's sounds are almost like a dogs, low and menacing.

  7. Interesting story. I wouldn't have known either. Cute dog pic!

  8. Thanks for visiting Cheryl. Jake's a big fluffy sweetheart. I couldn't imagine what disturbed him so much.

  9. Oh! it sounds funny. your dog is too cool, Slept nicely with that bear, cute it is.

  10. He's a laid back, friendly dog - most of the time. Thanks for visiting.

  11. Well hello there! It was such a huge pleasure to visit your personal blog and especially to read this blog entry. And I got a question for you. What do you think about guest blogging?

  12. Missis Sarah - I believe people should write their own blogs, not use someone else's words. Guest blogging is fun if I know the person who invites me. With a blog such as yours I would expect compensation.

    In other words, don't pretend to be one thing and really be another. I don't want to blog for you.


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