Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Days of Nano, November 4, Part B

About that beautiful sunny day

After my morning low blood sugar had been tested and recorded, I had an early breakfast of toasted Ezekiel bread (a wonderful whole wheat bread) with jam and decaf with cream. Bread to keep me from being hungry and jam to bring up the blood sugar.  Decaf because I wanted to return to bed.  I read for a while, then slept in until 10 am.  Everlovin’ was off on an errand by the time I was dressed and I was powerfully hungry when he returned. 

We frequently go out for lunch, being retired people with enough income to afford to do it.  This glorious day, with its rain-washed sky called for something special.  When I mentioned we could go to Oceanside Harbor (only 15 miles away) he was all for it.  I checked my sugar, OK, and off we went, carrying jackets because it’s usually colder at the beach. 

We found a parking place (not easy to do in the summer, but in the fall on a week day it’s manageable).  Immediately the highly oxygenated air of the sea breeze made us feel invigorated.  Along the edge of this small harbor there is a string of tiny businesses along a tiny walk and within the view of all the boats anchored there.  (This harbor is barely large enough for the charter fishing boats to go in and out.)

The little shack-like shops were open as well.  They sell brightly colored, easy to wear beach dresses, beach towels, sun glasses - about what you might expect on a beach often visited by tourists.  Also along this way are a number of indoor/outdoor restaurants.  You know food always tastes better when you eat outdoors and that’s what I had planned.

I considered all the restaurants along the way but the one I had in mind was at the end near the fishing charters.  We had eaten there when some of us were going fishing and others (me in particular) were taking the car home and coming back later to pick them up.

This is a tiny narrow place.  There are sailing boats, boats large enough to sleep aboard, rickety boats, all kinds, including the large fishing charters.  People fight to get on the waiting list for these slips and it’s packed full.  In the summer you sometimes can smell the barbeque cooking on the docks.
A quick story.  A man walked by me followed by two loose dogs (not on the leash, but under control.)  He went down to the docks, paused to let himself through the gate and walked on.  When he got down on the docks between the boats he stopped and looked back.  The dogs hadn’t be quick enough to follow him through and were waiting patiently for him to let them in.  Which he did, apparently without any thought so it must happen now and again.

So, there is the sea breeze blowing gently, and the boats bobbing at their moorings, and the sea gulls wheeling in the sky - maybe a few other sea birds - and the warm fall sun shining on it all.
There we were walking along and inspecting the menus of the small restaurants.  I noticed a lot of them sold take out.  You could buy it and go a little further to the beach to eat it.  Sounds like a deal, but I’m of an age where I want a table and a chair and maybe a bathroom.

We met a lot of people along the way, most of them young, most of them either having an early beer or inspecting those beach dresses.  Pretty typical.  We found the restaurant and were in the act of choosing a place to sit when we wondered why no one else was out there.  It only took a sea gull dive bombing us to figure out why.  The birds were all lined up on the railing or flying overhead hoping to be first for a bit of food.

Birds flying overhead mean poop down below.  We went inside where we found a seat with a view of the harbor.  So easy, so simple to just drive down and have lunch.
I love fish and chips and I love it in all its deep fat fried splendor.  The menu offered grilled fish as well, but we decided to have it the yummy, non-diet way.  We ordered and sat down to wait. 
There is a restaurant in the Old Town area of San Diego where they served wonderful Mexican food.  (Mexican food is close to the only kind of food you find there.)  In this restaurant they serve several kinds of tostada.  That’s meat, beans, cheese, salad on top of a fried tortilla.  They’re good and popular in this area. 

If you are local and waiting for your food, you know exactly what happened when you hear a group of tourists say AAAHHH!  and begin to laugh.  Someone at their table has ordered a tostada.  Normally a tostada is about the size of a luncheon plate, maybe even smaller.  The tostadas at this restaurant are served on a steak platter, brimming full and I’m guessing 4 to 5 inches high.  It’s enough for three or more regular diners.  It gets a laugh of surprise when it’s served.
Back to Oceanside Harbor, our plates arrive.  My everlovin’ has ordered two pieces of fish, fries, and a drink.  I’ve ordered a piece of fish and a shrimp that came with chowder, coleslaw, fries, and no drink.  Our meals were served on steak platters.  My piece of fish didn’t fit entirely on the plate.  Surprised laughter and we dug in.  It was too hot to eat right away - a plus for the restaurant.  How many times have you seen your order sitting under a heat lamp waiting for someone to bring it to you?  Not here.  It was almost sizzling.

It was good too.  Really, really good.  Eaten in the sea air with the sun sparkling off the water between all the boats.  Really good stuff.  We ate until we were stuffed.
A little walk along the harbor and we were ready to go home.  A good day.  A really good day.

End, at 9,038 words.


  1. I love your really good day. My own recent really, really good day was spent in the woods.

  2. I love days spent in the woods Relyn, but there aren't a lot of woods near my home.


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