Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas 2014 - the "kids" are home for Christmas

OK, I admit it.  The youngest "kid" here at Christmas is 22 and her cousin is 24.  I'm old enough that I just call them all kids.  This is a photo record of Christmas for my family.  Go ahead and enjoy it, even if you're only part of my blogging family.

My family has a good time together.  Sometimes they're silly.
Note the "glasses made of straw paper and the tortilla chip moustache.

Cindy is thinking up mischief.  Kathy is wondering what she's
going to do this time.
The innocent and the still laughing.
We do this sort of thing at restaurants folks.  I just watch proudly and laugh along with them.  There's something nice about just being happy being together.  Our family visited us from Florida, Washington, San Francisco, and Auburn (CA).  We met at our house near San Diego.

That's Cindy's hand.  She's making a point.  Obviously Lisa isn't impressed.
Granddaughter Brynne couldn't visit this year.  Finland is a long ways
to come.  So we did hangouts with her and her husband.  This is her mother,
brother, and grandfather.  We all took turns talking.
Quiet moment with Cindy.  


Lisa, Scott, Cindy, and Kathy.  They spent a lot of time cooking in
my kitchen.  The white box with the red ribbon is Cindy's birthday cake.
White chocolate raspberry bundt cake.
Lisa and her son Holden.  
Our family likes to play Sudoku.  Here they've grabbed pages from
Roy's Sudoku puzzle - the ones he hadn't done - and worked them
until they understood why Roy said they were hard.
The kids put up the Christmas tree, the nativity scene, and such.
I bought poinsettias for decorations.
Alicia, Kathy, and Scott working those Sudoku puzzles.
Lisa, Cindy and Kathy taking over my computer room.
I hope you had a great Christmas too.  Happy New Year to you all.


Somebody had to take the pictures.  Here I am with Cindy,
Kathy, and Lisa.

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  1. How fun, Marilyn! Your family looks like they are a TON of fun to have around. It's nice to have people you can laugh and be silly with. :)


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