Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A new blog for a new day

Well, today's a new day and here's a new blog to write in. I've just been reading that today's young people don't like to read. I'd say that's wrong, they just don't read the sort of things I did when I was young. I think they read a lot, just not what young people read even 10 years ago. Do you agree?

So, I'm a writer. How do I adapt to the new day in writing? Let me ask - have you ever read a text novel on your phone? I can't imagine it. It started in Japan where they can get many novels as text messages on their phones. Now it's gradually coming here. I'd love to read one. Have you?

I still love books. I can't imagine curling up in bed with my cell phone to read. (I can imagine curling up in bed to talk to a friend.)

One thing I love about books is that it I can feel like I'm the person in the book and have a thousand adventures without leaving home. I have books stacked on my bookcases that I've already read. I can pick one up and be transported once more into that book world.

Sure, you can do that with movies, DVDs, and other videos, but it's not quite the same. When I read a book, then watch the movie made from that book, I find I know a lot more about what's going on. I enjoy seeing the movies made from them, but they lack the depth of a book.

It's time for me to go. Have a good day. Pick up a book and try it out.

Mystery Writer Lady

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