Friday, January 9, 2009

Are you feeling neglected?

Are you feeling like I'm not paying attention to this blog, or did you just go elsewhere? I admit to doing things other than blogging lately.

For one, I'm working on a book and Jason has got himself in trouble. Well, I should say he's in trouble. No one can make an earthquake happen. It's just that he decided to work late again. He's so tidy. He doesn't like to leave the office with work undone. So, it happened that he was in his twelfth floor office late at night when the earthquake happened.

Now he's trapped and hurt and no one knows he's there. It's night. It's dark. The bookcase has fallen on his legs and he can't move them. He just cowers there under his desk and listens to the building cry about being moved about in such a fashion.

You see why I haven't been blogging. I could hardly leave him there like that. Gotta go and rescue Jason.


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