Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busy day

All my days are busy, but today was so busy I had to cut out line dancing. 8-( I was looking forward to the dancing, but I slept in so something had to go.

I did go to Curves. I have made a total commitment to exercising three days a week at Curves. It's 34 visits and counting. It was tough through Christmas and New Year's, but I managed to get in 13 visits in December.

I'm proud of that because I used to be a total marshmallow and my joints were beginning to complain loudly. Now that I'm exercising regularly I can walk easily, though my endurance isn't strong yet.

My day was full - just like I want my days to be. Now I've still got a commitment to do before the day ends. I want to begin filling in content for a newsletter I've just taken over for Sisters In Crime. Because a large percentage of the members are writers, I want the newsletter to be special. It may take a month or two to get there. Wish me luck!


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