Friday, January 16, 2009

It's amazing

When I think of all of the bloggers blogging their hearts and souls out day after day I am amazed. We write to be read, but without any assurance that someone will read us.

I am amazed when I think of the number of emails flying this way and that all day long. My snail mail is now mostly solicitations, circulars and bills. We talk about leaving a trash can by the mail box so we don't have to bring it to the house.

I am amazed by the information I can find just by searching on the web. If we didn't have those search engines how would we find anything?

I am amazed that my granddaughter who lives in Finland can keep track of what's going on with the friends she left behind, and of the new friends she has made.

I am amazed that another granddaughter was able to visit Slovakia and send us pictures of her visit before she came home.

It's just an amazing web world we live in.



  1. Thanks for the comments on my work, I appreciate the interest. as for being amazed by the sharing of information in this world, wait 5 years and look back on what we have now. Look up moore's law on nanotechnology, you will be blown away.


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