Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things I don't like, make me angry, or I wish they'd just go away

I should start by telling you that I'm not angry about anything. It's just that, in this politically correct world we live in, some things displease me. What are they?

You don't mean that
  • I dislike someone telling me that I don't mean what I said, or correcting me to the politically correct way of saying things. I try to say what I mean, not what some people think is correct.
The traffic bullies. We probably all have different ideas about this, but . . .
  • I dislike people who, while I'm driving down the freeway, race up the ramp to be first, then act like they were there first and expect me to yield.
  • I dislike people who just pull over in front of me even when there's not enough room.
  • I dislike people who pull up behind me in the lane and blink their lights because they want to go faster than me. Why shouldn't they be the ones to go around? Why should I pull over into the next lane?
  • Women (I haven't had a man do this) who aren't paying attention to driving their car and when they run into you, they pull the flustered little lady act. I am supposed to forgive them for dinging my car? I'm female, too you know, and I take responsibility for what I do.
The guards at the gates. These are the people who control who goes in the door, who gets what table, who gets to do what. I don't dislike them all, but I dislike the ones who misuse their miniscule bit of authority to keep me from doing what I want.

Waiters who put my napkin in my lap. I'm guessing this is supposed to make me feel pampered. I don't. I feel like a little kid who can't be relied on to do it herself.

People who follow the rules down to the last nit. There are times to follow the rules and times when a bit of thought should be applied to the rules. If the rule doesn't make sense then maybe it shouldn't be applied. I used to take a bus to college, then walk through the parking lot to get to where I wanted to be. The parking lot had signs all over saying "No pedestrian traffic." When a person parks their car and leaves it, haven't they become a pedestrian? If you're not allowed to walk in a parking lot, how do you go where you want to be?

Controllers. I am passionate about not being controlled. It probably comes from my Germanic heritage, but nothing will make me angrier faster. Nothing will make me push back faster.

Manipulators. These are the cousins of the controllers. They know I don't want to be controlled so they try to manipulate me so I do what they want. I once told my boss at work. "I work for this company. I report to you. I expect to be told what to do. Why don't you just tell me what you want?"

If I thought a while I could double this list. What are do you not like?



  1. I dislike the traffic bullies, too. If you want to pass me, then pass me, but don't ride my bumper or blink your lights. I'm not moving until I've finished passing people who are slower than me!

  2. I'm with you on traffic bullies, for sure. And really, no pedestrian traffic in a parking lot?!

  3. Really. I discussed it in class one day when we were talking about rules that didn't make sense.


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