Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Del Mar Fair

Yesterday I went to the fair. In my early teens I knew some of the guys who rode in the rodeo. I'd visit in a whirl of colors and a swarm of friends. The teens are still there, they just aren't me.

Yesterday's fair was different. My teen years are so far in the back of my mind, the pictures play in my mind like looking at old photographs. Yes, I know it was me, but it was sooo long ago.

The reason this fair was different was because last year we rented a wheel chair so I could go. I was still in a lot of pain with my knee and making the rounds of the doctors. This year, thanks to a lot of physical therapy and over 100 visits to Curves, I walked myself. We walked around for about 3 1/2 hours, sitting when I needed to, but on my own power. I like the fair better this way.

I had a roast beef sandwich before I left home, then told my hubbie the diet was off and I was eating junk food at the fair. I had potato twirlers (one potato cut in a swirl, then deep fat fried and salted way too much), corn roasted over a grill (our favorite), and a funnel cake with powdered sugar, which I regretted eating once it was gone. Don't we always regret breaking our diets AFTER the deed is done?

It was fun. Today, in spite of massaging my feet and legs, I am too tired to visit Curves. My legs feel like rubber and my feet are complaining mightily. My knee doesn't hurt, though. It hasn't hurt in a long, long time. Like a little kid, I need a rest day.

Here's a picture from the fair. It came from this site. Well, blogger wants the picture elsewhere. I hope it brings back fair memories for you too.

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