Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paper, Plastic, or Reusable?

On Facebook.com today there was a poll. Do you use paper, plastic, or reusable bags for your groceries? It's an easy answer for me. Even though I do sometimes use plastic bags and recycle them, currently I'm using big strong canvas bags. I especially like canvas bags that I can sling over my shoulder. It's much easier to carry the weight when it's over my shoulder.

I bought canvas bags years ago when consumers were becoming aware of the fact that it takes trees to make paper bags, but that plastic bags take a very long time to decay. While plastic bags are still loose on the earth they harm wild life and dolphins. Why dolphins in particular? I don't know, but you'd think any type of wild life could be harmed.

So, years ago I bought my generous collection of canvas bags and I've found them incredibly useful - not just for moving groceries from store to car to home.

Most of my bags are also art objects. In particular, the largest bag (maybe the oldest bag) carries the hand prints of my oldest daughter, her husband, and her three children. I don't know what she used for paint, but it's lasted through many washings.

Then I have a few bags from Barnes and Noble featuring famous authors (though not necessarily my favorite authors).

There's the bag I bought in the Phoenix Airport that's green with Indian designs on it. The bag I bought at a Wells Fargo Museum that has symbols of the old west and the pony express. I have a few with the name of a grocery store on them - usually a health food store. I take the bags reserved for the grocery store and stuff them all in the big bag with the hand prints. That way it's easy to get them out to use.

I have quite a collection. I even have some smaller ones big enough for a book or lunch, but not for groceries.

I have a huge bag I can sling over my shoulder that carries my art supplies to class and back. I have another huge bag that just carries my stuff: writing supplies, lunch, camera, whatever.

I guess you could call me a bag lady of the educated sort. What do you use, paper, plastic or reusable bags?



  1. I have a good collection of reusable bags. I don't always have an empty one on hand though, so sometimes have to use plastic.

    Most often my canvas bags are full of library books - either headed home or headed back to the library. :D

  2. Canvas bags are good for carrying books. You just need to collect more of them. They're expensive so I collect them one at a time.



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