Thursday, March 11, 2010

A taste for art

Today I traveled a few miles north of my town to the village of Fallbrook. Fallbrook has a large art community and I wanted to see an Exhibition of the National Watercolor Society. Fallbrook is a cute little town surrounded by orchards and small ranches. The main crop is avocados and oranges - and art. I went to see the art. I was not disappointed. The art was fantastic! I just wandered through the exhibition in wonderment. How could you do such fantastic things in watercolor? Watercolor is not an easy medium to learn and I've been working at it for several years. The exhibit opened my mind to what you can do with it - almost anything, it would appear.

Once I picked up a handful of brochures, toured the exhibit, walked through a few art galleries, and checked out a quilting store I was tired and my feet hurt. Where could I find a coffee shop where I could rest? I asked the lady at the quilt store. She directed me down the street. "It looks like it's a bank, but it's a coffee shop" she told me. She was right, it looked exactly like a bank, but it was a coffee shop filled with big overstuffed chairs and tables. All taken.

I am no longer a shy person. Sometimes it's hard to believe I was ever shy. I walked up to where a couple was sitting in a space for four and told them I was tired and needed to sit in one of the comfy chairs. I was plopped down in the chair with my latte before they could object.

However, I was lucky. I had joined a friendly couple, Cyrene and Sam whom, I discovered, had just moved south from the town where my oldest daughter lived for many years. We had lots to talk about and I spent a pleasant time resting my feet and talking about places we both recognized, from Friar Tucks to the shop that sold Cornish Pasties.

There are times when life is good and this afternoon was one of them. My little trip was crowned by my hubbie having dinner ready when I got home. Could a woman ask for more?


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