Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to feel good working on the computer

My daughters were talking about having monkey neck from working on the computer. I never heard it called that, but I know they're talking about the sore, rigid shoulders and neck that you get from working on a computer all day. Here's my advice to them.

Dear kids. I used to teach this to people while I ran the proposal room in LA. A few minutes spent every hour or so will work wonders for how you feel when you’re done. When working at the computer, every now and then:

  • Flex your shoulders
  • Push your shoulders to your ears and hold a few seconds
  • Pull your shoulders forward, hold, then backward and hold
  • Rotate your shoulders forward and back
  • Rotate your neck

Buy some resistance bands. A resistance band or two tucks easily into a desk drawer.

  • Use them
  • Especially helpful is to pull the band in front, high and behind as low as is comfortable. I think I probably should demonstrate that one, but it’s probably in the box the bands came in.

It doesn’t take long. Make a habit of it when you’re working hard. The few minutes you spend not working will not put you behind on your work. While you’re at it, take the time to look into the distance, anywhere, and give your eyes a rest as well.

When you go home, try working with free weights (dumbbells), especially those for the upper body. You need to release the tension that builds up in your body.

Love, Mom

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