Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is it a fish pond, a footprint from a giant, or what?

I have a hole in the ground. It has water in it. What is it?

I've threatened to buy goldfish to put in it. It looks like it needs something in the way of beautification.

Down in the murk lies a pipe. It's not a straight pipe. It has a lot of connectors. Hubbie says it's the water line for the house. Oh no! It's leaking! It's costing us water-dollars every day.

What a mess! It's blocking the driveway. There are piles of dirt all around, an abandoned shovel, a bucket that's been tossed aside, a chair upended. What are we going to do with it?

My vote is to make a fish pond, but my hubbie has called the plumber.



  1. My vote is also with you. I think you should go for the fish pond. It 'll give some extra beauty to your house.

  2. There are better places for it, but then I'd have to dig the hole.


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