Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An update to my last post

Last Sunday, or was it Monday, I was dead-heading the roses when I stepped on a spongy spot in our very dry lawn. Those who have been through it may recognize the signs of a possible broken water line (or worse yet a broken sewer line).

Monday, my hubbie dug it up looking for the leak. (If you want to view his work, look at my previous post.) When he found the leak (a water leak) it was among three repair/patches on the line. So he called the plumber.

The plumber came out post haste (whatever that means – he came quickly) and took out the old repair and put in a new one. My hubbie didn’t fill up the hole because he wanted to be sure it wasn’t leaking any longer.

So, now it's Tuesday, and my hubbie went out to get the paper and guess what? He found another soft spongy spot about 50 ft. from the first. He came in grumbling that he didn’t feel like digging another exploratory hole.

I was leaving for Curves and I’d no sooner left our driveway than I saw a day laborer-type walking down our road. I stopped and asked him if he knew anyone who wanted to work – to dig a big hole. Conveying that in my awful Spanish and his almost nonexistent English required a lot of pantomime, but apparently there was communication. I showed him which house and when my hubbie went outside, he found the laborer there with his friend and immediately put them to work.

They dug a huge hole. My hubbie asked them to return tomorrow to fill in the holes. The plumber came just as quickly this time and patched the much-patched water line. We think that it’s not only day laborers that need work.

We are not looking to keep the plumber in business, but the plumber mentioned in passing that part of the line was not water piping, but electrical conduit. He said it will work, but . . . . We are hoping we don’t have to dig up the entire lawn to fix this, but you know about old houses.

Don’t you love old houses?


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