Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's blooming in my world besides a blog hop?

Now isn't this blog hop fun? I hope you're checking out everyone on the list. Join us for some fun.

My world has been pretty wet lately, but I have some roses, some California Poppies, and some succulents (a kind of cactus without stickers).
I do a Christmas cactus. It began blooming last fall and it's still at it. You never know about Christmas Cactus.

The California Poppies are popping up everywhere. They look fragile, but they're tough little dudes. They are the first to come up from seed in the spring.

Here's what I call a rain rose. That's because the rain just dusted the rose and made it even more beautiful.

Last of all, my favorite succulent. These "flowers" are as big as a dinner plate.

Now go click on another photo and see where it leads you.

Thanks for vising. Come back soon.



  1. So nice to meet you Marilynne! I'm sure that living in California you must see "blooms" throughout the year! Your rose image is luscious!
    Thanks for hopping on the Blog Hop and hopefully we'll see you next week to find out what "Your Cup of Tea" is!

  2. Yes, something is blooming all the time. That also means that I am always taking care of the garden too.

    I'm having fun with this. Thanks for letting me join the blog hop.

  3. All gorgeous! Nothing blooming here in Texas yet, despite the warmth. I'm ready for more color!


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