Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's my cuppa tea?

Jilly asks today "What's your cup of tea?" Easy, I love tea, but my favorite cup of tea is English Breakfast. I like its hearty kick. It helps me wake up and start my morning. I also like green tea and mint tea, but not those sissy herbal teas made with rose hips. Rose hips and I don't agree and most herbal teas seem to start with them.

I also love my cups. This one is a gift from one of my daughters. The cup is newish, but I have an antique cream pitcher that matches it. I'm sure that's why she sent it.

I have some special Nevada City Blend tea, that is blended in Nevada City,a great northern California gold-rush town. My daughter wanted me to taste it because it's naturally sweet, without sugar. I can always do with "without sugar."

This cup also has a design on the bottom. How clever of them to put one there.

I also love bears. This bear comes from Paris. He's a gift from another daughter. I think he's the only French thing I own, but what's he doing in the tea cup?

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  1. I just saw your question, but I guess you figured it out. Your set goes so well next to mine! I love the daintiness of it! Let's have a cuppa!

  2. Silly bear! What IS he doing in the tea cup?

    I've recently cleared out my 'mug cupboard'. There's still a full shelf of mugs to choose from (I don't live alone or there'd likely only be 3) ~ and there's three tea cups that are special to me and used most often.

    I loved reading your experience with tea. Thank you ...

  3. What a beautiful set! I guess the bear thought so, too!

  4. It's my pleasure to own pretty china. One of my daughters has adopted the "earthquake china." A friend once owned it and acquired it slowly, piece by piece. It didn't fare well in the Saugus-Newhall earthquake (a long time ago). Her insurance replaced it with a different pattern and I adopted the earthquake leavings.

  5. I'm with you on those sissy herbal teas! English breakfast is my favorite too -- followed very closely by Twinnings Irish Breakfast.

    I haven't had mint tea in ages -- a cafe near my college use to serve mint iced tea -- it was very good.

    Beautiful set of china -- I'd love to have more but since my kids do the dishes I try not get anything too nice. : )

  6. Jessica My blue flowered tea set that my Grandmother gave me survived the children. The idea is to remain calm like it was the plastic set you bought at Target.

  7. I like your tea set-it is lovely! I drink green tea, but not too often. I have to admit to being a coffee gal in the morning.

  8. Love you tea cup, it is so beautiful. And I love the sound of that tea, naturally sweet!


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