Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spooky - Grandma's pumpkin

It was fun cutting up that pumpkin, but it's very fresh and I'm worried it won't make it until Halloween.  I used my pumpkin tools to decorate.  I have a power cutter for pumpkins, but it kept getting stuck.  It's better to stick with those little orange tools you can buy for a few dollars.
Here I'm threatening it with a screw driver.
Not yet, I've got a lot of carving to do.
I decided to use the part of the pumpkin that lay on the ground to make my ghostie.  I thought that ugly surface would make an ugly pumpkin.

Here I am making a little progress with
my battery-operated power tool.  
Now and then an escapee hit the floor.
My ghost is taking shape.  I decided
to put a baby ghost in its tummy.
I test it with a candle inside, but
my flash goes off.  Rats!
At the end of the driveway there's a stump
from a palm tree that used to grow there.
It makes a fine place for a pumpkin.
Time to go outside and light it.
Happy Halloween!


  1. You're right... it is spooky.

    It also might not last, and that's too bad.

    I decided not to even carve mine this year. In the South, with its heat, even a week of exposure fills it with mold. Really, really gross.

  2. I agree Shakespeare. It's hot here today and the pumpkin is out on its stump because - it's already getting moldy. I sprayed the inside with Lysol hoping to delay it some.

    I just guess I should have bought a field-hardened dried out pumpkin. I don't know if that would help though.

  3. WOW! You are very talented with your pumpkin carving!! I'm very impressed. I just do a lame-o eyes and toothy grin on mine.

  4. Thanks Lin. I'm facing something frightening, which I'll write about later. I find myself doing more of what gives me pleasure, then what I should d.

  5. Oooo... You're good! I bet the grandbabies love coming to your house!

  6. Relyn - My granddaughter who lives close by will love it. So will her baby arriving next spring. All of our grandchildren love to come here, but we live too far away from most of them to see them often.


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