Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween for Grandmas

We drove out to Bates Nut Farm near Valley Center to buy a pumpkin for our family's biggest kid - me.

Look at all those pumpkins.  I can't choose just one.

How do you like this fella?

Is she from Hawaii?
How do fairies fit in?
I think she's just shopping.

Well Lady, which do you want?
Roy says I can't have these, but
look at how they make me smile.
These are my choices.  There are three little pumpkins and
a bumpy orange gourd in the bag.
The biggest pumpkin is the heaviest one Roy
was willing to pick up.
I'll show you how I decorated it later.


  1. I love the stacked jack-o-lanterns, too. I bet they're pretty heavy, though.

  2. Shakespeare, those pumpkins are paper mache or something. They are heavy, but they have such wonderful smiles.

  3. I love pumpkins. We are going to pick our own this year--we found a really cool lot near Colin's college last year. I can never buy just one!!

  4. Lin, I'm pretty iffy about pumpkins. The ones I like best aren't decorated at all. However, I've emptied that large pumpkins and bought a battery powered light for it. I'm going to carve it, I am, I really am.


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