Sunday, September 11, 2011

A hot day at the mall

A few days ago I took my camera to the mall.  My objective was to find out what caught my eye and in the process walk the mall from end to end.  Enjoy the photos.
I love the hollow, magnified sounds of the mall, looking down
to another floor and all the lights.
I was greeted by a familiar figure - the ANGRY BIRD.
This mall had lots of things for kids to do.  I can see older kids with large allowances spending a lot of money just in the fun zones.

Some people came to relax and enjoy the
air conditioning.
I wanted to shop.  Apparently the mannequins
know how to keep cool.
Summer handbags for sale in bright colors.
Do people still wear these?  Maybe that's
why they were up high.
Just what I need for our yearly
7 inches of rain.
T shirts in bright colors, but they
are on sale for men.  8-(
I thought it was against the law to sell babies.
This baby is definitely not for sale.
Look at that BLING!  This is only a small
part of the display.
Pretty reds and pinks.
I walked so far gawking at everything that my feet hurt into the next day.  Still, I needed my mall fix - don't you?

What do you see when you go to the mall?



  1. Great shots - and you made me laugh with the Baby Sale comment :) I love people watching when I'm at the mall - and also can't resist looking through clearance racks, especially of shoes!

  2. Well I love those summery bags. Such beautiful colors. I think you've captured the true essence of the mall. For me, I always look for photo opportunities. I'm usually photographing something while at the mall, either that or eating :)

  3. Barbara, I definitely am a sale rack shopper, but before I buy I want to look at everything - whether I can use it or not.

    Poetic Shutterbug - I did my share of eating. I didn't photograph it, but there's an gelato shop that serves your ice cream in tiny pale pink or green cups, with matching pastel spoons. I always bring them home.

  4. I like to people watch at the mall too. I'm not a big shopper--I like to get in and get out. But I can sit forever laughing at the wackiness that surrounds me.

  5. Lin: I used to spend hours just people watching. Now days I'm more likely to pick up a book to fill my time.

  6. You know, the older I get, the less I enjoy the mall. I am a boutique shop kind of girl at heart.

  7. Relyn, the older I get, the less relevant the mall seems to be. You can pretty well shop at any mall in the US and feel like you're at your home mall. There's the same store. They play to the same demographic (not me) and I've seen it all before. Therein lies the power of the boutique store.

  8. Make that "there's the same stores"


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