Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little sand and salt water

Our family has a wonderful Christmas tradition here in San Diego.  Sometime between Christmas and New Years we go to the beach.  I know, life is sometimes tough.  Let's say it in pictures.

The day was sunny and warm.

My granddaughter has a new eReader
It was a great day for kayaking
You can hardly see the gull for the sun
sparkling on the water.
We had lunch at the harbor.
The fog crept in about 4 PM.

When it started to get cold
we left for home.
Hope you had a great day.



  1. Marilynne, these photos are INCREDIBLE! Seriously, they are definitely frame-worthy.

    Beyond that, I'm glad you had a lovely visit with your family. I'm glad you had your surgery so you can have many, many more years with them. :) I hope you are feeling better too!

  2. Thanks for the praise Lin. If you keep taking pictures, you're bound to get a few good ones to enjoy.

    Yes, I'm much better. I took a walk on the beach and exercised three times this week. That's better. A little extra iron in my diet helped.


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