Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Feet - I want to see your feet

I took a picture of my feet yesterday, just before I headed out for Curves.  I was thinking that my feet looked good and my legs didn't look so bad for a woman in her 70's.  Sure I've got chubby knees, but I like that better than the skinny old knees I saw at Curves yesterday.  That woman was so thin (and well muscled) that her veins stood up from her legs and you could see the bones that made up her knees.  That is definitely not my problem and I like my funny bumpy knees.

The toes are curled in because it's one of the exercises I do often.  Toes in; toes out; toes up; and toes down.  Each time stretching them in place.  It's so important to keep your feet flexible.  It came in handy the other day too when I tripped walking through Roy's garden.

Roy has raised beds made in part with concrete blocks, hoses running this way and that, and tools lying here and there where he last finished working.  I tripped over something, which leaned me over the concrete block and I did some fancy dancing before I finally caught my balance.  There were maybe four steps before I was balanced on my own.  I just kept thinking how much I didn't want to fall on those concrete blocks.

You may also remember that Jake, my Norwegian Elkhound, has always sat on me, holding me down when I've fallen and he can reach me.  When I was doing my balance dance the other day, I was thinking that if I fell he'd sit on me and wouldn't let me up again until Roy came home.

But I didn't fall.  Thank heavens.

That right leg is the one I twisted when I fell over a chair at the bowling alley years ago.  That's another reason to do the exercises.  My right leg has a tendency to turn outwards if I don't keep after it.  I don't want to spend my last years walking like that if I can help it.

Those feet give me pain at night, but I just get up and give them a good long stretch or two.  Then I read until I can go back to sleep again.  You can't have everything, can you?

Here's Jake.  You can see he's quite capable of sitting on me and not letting me up.  Well, eventually he gets tired of my hitting, pushing and yelling at him so he'll give it a try.  I have no doubt that if I couldn't get up at that point, he'd sit on me again.

Jake's a gentle soul.  He just takes it when I yell and hit him.  I think he thinks he's protecting me when he sits on me.

The challenge

So I'm going to challenge you to show me your feet.  If you email a small photo of your feet  to maxiegirl68@cox.net, I'll put the best ones up here with my next post.  I'll give you until next Monday, August 27, 2012 to show me what you've got.



  1. Okay, Marilynne. I'll send you new feet photos--especially of that snappy newly straightened toes...BUT you've got to wait until the weekend. I am so overwhelmed with things here. col is leaving for college on Friday and we have a huge party here Saturday. Add in auditors at work and I'm barely keeping my head on straight!!

    Do I have to polish my toes???? :)

  2. Thanks Lin. Tend to business first. I look forward to seeing your nice straight toes.

  3. At 70 your feet is really good moreover you'll do stretches and exercises to free the toe muscles. Your Jake is nice to see.

  4. Thanks for the compliment Kevin. As I grow older I see many of my friends just giving up and sitting down to vegetate. I don't want to do that so I exercise.

  5. Your feet and legs look GREAT!
    Love, Cindy

  6. Thanks Cinders. I think they're great feet for as old as they are.


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