Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not long ago I asked people to send me a photo of their feet.  I think the photos show a sense of pride and of fun.  Let's have a look.
Look at the view between those feet!  It's a perfect place to display them.
Cindy's feet are in Mexico, but she's just vacationing there.

These feet were giving owner Lin a bit of trouble.  Surgery has fixed the problem
She celebrated with bright pink toes.

You'd better be  barefoot in that wet sand.  Look at the toe marks here.
Thanks Lisa for this photo of sister feet.

Kathy and Angelo had a toe painting party.  Whose feet are whoose?
A clue.  One person's toes are pink and the others are blue.
On a rockier shore in the Pacific Northwest, Lisa keeps her feet covered.
Is that Scott out there in that tiny craft?

This is a special photo.  Kathy and Angelo went to Reno to get married.  Here
they are relaxing, one in California and one in Nevada.  That's a big
fireplace in the background.

Sandy feet.  Who sent me this one?   I see Kathy sent this one.  Whose foot?
Sorry, I don't know. 
I love these photos, don't you?  Thanks to everyone for showing me their feet.



  1. Great post! I love that all the photos have stories behind them. The "real" story, and whatever story I make up about them. :) Thanks!

  2. hahaha! I like your foot post! And I love that so many people participated in submitting their piggies for our enjoyment. :)


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