Saturday, September 20, 2014

People Watching at an art gallery

I love to browse art galleries, but I'm not overfond of artist's receptions.  Still, when My friend Anne Johnson invited me to a reception featuring her paintings I happily said I would go.  Anne's paintings are featured at ArtBeat on Main St. in Vista, CA, where I live.  The card I received also offered "a fine wine bar and special live music."

Sounds good, right?  I'll just show you a selection of my photos and tell you why I took them.

This is Anne Johnson on the left and another of her friends on the right.  Did you expect a young woman with jeans and a paint spattered shirt?  Maybe that  was Anne once upon a time.  Now she's a petite well-mannered woman, a little shy and a great artist.  Her paintings are large - maybe a half sheet (2 x 3 ft?) of paper with a deckled edge.  She says she lays her paper on the floor of the studio part of her garage and does her painting that way.  She just opens herself to what she feels at the moment.  She must feel good because her paintings are calm, colorful, and interesting to look at. They'd fit well in a modern house.  Actually, they'd fit well anywhere people loved having it around.

An art show requires people who love art.  Although this gallery shows many artists, Anne was tonight's special artist.  People lined up as they came in to look at everything.  The gallery is also a wine bar and serves snacks.  They also offer painting classes.

For the reception they brought in Robert Parker to set the mood. 

This is musician Robert Parker.  I loved his lively music.  He was willing to sit for a photo.  He's just there for the reception.

This guy is just a bonus.  He'd been at the bar next door and decided to join the crowd at the gallery.  I wish I could have heard him play those bongo drums.  This is just a photo opportunity.

If you live nearby, Anne is featured artist through October 11th.  Drop by and see her paintings at 330 S. Main, Vista, CA.



  1. It was fun Lin, but all packed together. It's hard to savor it that way.


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