Friday, September 19, 2014

The epitome of gardening ease.

My granddaughter Brandis once had a condo with a tiny deck outside.  She kept wondering what she could grow in pots in such a small space.  Ken, whom she later married, smart woman, made her a cute little planter of just the right size.

Jump ahead a year or two and Brandis and Ken have moved to Texas!  She decided not to take this cute planter with her and guess who has it?  Me, of course.  I have lots of room to plant things, but I'm having more and more trouble getting all the way down there to dig out the weeds.  Problem solved!

Isn't it cute?  It's a comfortable height for me. My hubbie filled it with planter mix and such.  All I had to do was plant it.

Well, the butterfly and the bird flying above the planter are solar lights and at night they change colors using the sun of the day.

The tallest thing is a small rosemary bush that I intend to plant in that big brown planter at the bottom right of the photo.

Then, trying to go in circular fashion, I've planted parsley, thyme, oregano, lemon chive and in the middle, a bit of basil.

Can you see the checkered lid there?  That's a jam jar with holes poked in the lid.  I added some water, some vinegar, and a bit of oil (not enough to seal the top of the liquid).  This is because I know how much little bugs like basil.  I buried it in the planting mix because I didn't want to look at dead bugs.

Also in the planter is a succulent I intend to plant out by the mailbox as soon as it cools and some pine cones from my neighbor's tree.  

On the lower shelf there's a planter with something in it and a cement core that took my fancy.  I will probably put plantings in pots on the lower bench on this side of the planter.

So, I know Brandis had a great time planting and I want her to know I did too.  In a few weeks these herbs will be filling in the planter and I can start using them.  In a planter close by, I'm planting mint.  Gotta keep that mint confined or it takes over the place.

Thanks Brandis.  I love it.


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  1. I'm glad it found such a good home!


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