Thursday, August 18, 2011

They're in the jar - the dill pickles that is

Recently my husband presented me with a counter full of cucumbers.  He dislikes them, but plants them because I like them.  Pretty aren't they?

You see?  It doesn't look like much of a plant, but it's happily producing a lot of cucumbers.  I can't eat that many!

The solution seems to be to make pickles.  Dill or bread and butter?  That was the question.  We had tried dill pickles several years ago and they didn't turn out right.  Should I try again or just go with bread and butter pickles which I perceive as easier to make?  I printed both recipes, but decided on the dills.

I chose an easy recipe from the web.  It didn't take long at all.  Soon there were five quarts of dill pickles lined up on a towel on the counter.

Beautiful aren't they?  I hope they're good to eat.  I have to let them cure a week or two before I open a jar to taste them.



  1. Oh, I couldn't stand the wait!!

  2. Anticipation is a part of liking things and having fun.

  3. How hard was this? I'd like to try to pickle okra. YUM!

  4. Barbara, it wasn't hard to do dill pickles. You have to collect what you need, clean off the kitchen counters, and sterilize the jars. I put the jars in my dishwasher first and in the time it took to do the other stuff, the jars were clean and hot. Ready.

    I found the recipe on the web. You can also get a cookbook that specializes in saving your harvest.


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